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The Hononegah Youth Soccer Association (HYSA) is a volunteer non-profit charitable organization (501 c3) that oversees the Lions '82 competitive soccer teams and the recreational Bruce Samlan Soccer League (BSSL).  HYSA offers soccer at all levels for children ages 4-17.  Please click on the individual organizational tabs (Lions '82 or BSSL) at the top for more information.

BSSL Fall 2016 Parent Handbook Information--INCLUDES TEAM AND PICTURE SCHEDULES

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We need your opinion, please see our surveys and share your voice to our next 35 years

This link is to our survey page where you can anonymously communicate with the Board of Directors and let us know your opinions and suggestions.

Board of Directors Volunteer Openings

The Board of Directors needs your help, come learn what it takes to keep our Leagues running.  It is a very rewarding (but challenging) role that helps shape and improve our league.  Please consider volunteering, we have many ways to support the league that are short-term in nature.   Our openings can be found here

35 Years of Bruce Samlan Soccer!

Since Fall of 1981, we have been helping stateline players experience, learn, and enjoy the game of soccer. Thanks for a great 35 years...

  • HYSA Night at Chicago Fire Spring 2016
  • HYSA Night at Chicago Fire Spring 2016 Each of our players got to go on the field and execute the "Tunnel of Fire"
  • HYSA players executing the Tunnel of Fire
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Sponsored by Chicago Fire-Our Youth Soccer Partners

Chicago Fire-Our Youth Soccer Partners

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We are very proud of our partnership with the Chicago Fire through its Soccer In The Community (SITC) outreach program.  Our partnership is focused on player development and to date, we have conducted clinics for over 350 BSSL players and 35 Lions '82 players.  Through the Chicago Fire camps, we have improved technical skills in a one-week camp (15 hours) for over 75 players in the last 2 years!  The Chicago Fire hosted us for a HYSA night at the their game against Portland and will be scheduling future outings. 

Fall 2016 Clinics; Completed, check back in Spring 2017

Sponsored by Illinois Youth Soccer Association

Illinois Youth Soccer Association

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HYSA is proud to be a member of the Illinois Youth Soccer Association (IYSA), and through its charter, affiliated with U.S. Youth Soccer.   IYSA provides secondary medical insurance for all HYSA players and sponsors many player development (Olympic Development Program [ODP]) programs, coach development programs, and parent resources.

Changes to Youth Soccer-No goalie punts/heading under age 10, birth years vice school years for playing ages

U.S. Youth Soccer (USYSA), the governing body of all soccer in the United States and the sponsor of the Olympic Development Program (ODP) has implemented some changes for player safety and to align player ages with international (FIFA) standards (calendar year vice school year).  These changes will affect gameplay and team creation/participation.  More information on these changes can be found at USYSA website here and also here.   A Frequently Asked Questions PDF is available here.  A player safety initiative FAQ is here.

Hononegah Youth Soccer Association Contact

P.O. Box 1021
Roscoe, IL 61073