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Bruce Samlan Soccer League Registration

Registration questions can be sent to Darren Larsen, Director of Registration @

Spring 2019 Bruce Samlan Soccer League Registration

Registration Information
Registration Opens Saturday, January 26th

Late Registration starts Monday, March 17th

(additional fees apply)

Last Day to Register is Sunday, March 24th.
(Registrations WILL NOT be accepted after this date.)

Families with 3 or more players will receive
a $10.00 discount on the 3rd (and subsequent) player(s). 

Flexible Payment Options

PAYMENT PLAN, partial payment at registration:  
Submit partial payment of $25 with remaining payment automatically charged on a later date.

Via Credit, Debit card, or electronic check at time of registration.

Submit total fees upon conclusion of this registration session offline via check. 

All checks must be postmarked by March 24th
or your player may not be placed on a team. 

Please send your payment and
a copy of your registration confirmation to
BSSL, P.O. Box 667, Roscoe, IL 61073.

FINANCIAL AID is available, please contact us for more details.

IMPORTANT: Before you register, please make sure your login email address for Sports Engine is the address you currently use.  This is the address we will use for all club communication. If you need to change your login email, please click here for instructions.

Online Registration is the only registration format we have for Spring 2019.  Please click on the photo or follow the posted link below to register your soccer player for the 2019 Spring Soccer Season.

Click on the above photo or follow the link below to register for fall soccer!

Have Additional Questions? Please see our Frequently Asked Questions

Please see our Frequently Asked Questions link (tab above as well) for additional information.

Important Dates - 2019 Spring Season

Early Registration Ends: March 17th, 2019 ($70 per player)

Late Registration Ends: March 24th, 2019 ($100 per player)
(Registrations WILL NOT be accepted after this date.)

New Parent Meeting: April 6th, 2019 - Prairie Hill School All Purpose Room 8am-9am

Mandatory Coaches Meetings: April 6th, 2019 - Prairie Hill School All Purpose Room 9am-11am

Practices allowed starting Monday, April 8th, 2019

First Game of the season: Saturday, April 27th, 2019

Last game of the season: Saturday, June 22nd, 2019

Rain Out Date: Saturday, June 29th, 2019

No games on May 25th, 2019 (Memorial Day Weekend)

Referral Discount

If you refer a new player to the Bruce Samlan Soccer League, we will waive a two credit (each credit is 60-90 minutes based on volunteer service selected) mandatory volunteer commitment for the season. To qualify, the new player must write-in your full name on their online registration form under "How did you hear about Bruce Samlan?", select Other (on "How did you hear about Bruce Samlan?") and input your full name into the text box.  Once the new player has paid in full, we will waive your volunteer credits (2-3 hours).

Playing Age and Division Breakdown

How is my players age determined?

Year Season Ends - Birth Year = Age Group

Fall 2018 to Spring 2019 (soccer season)2008 (birth year) = U11.

2019 - 2008 = 11.  Player is considered an 11 year old for purposes of determining what age group he/she plays in.

The BSSL soccer season overlaps two calendar years.  Fall 2018 and Spring 2019 is considered one soccer season.  The spring season calendar year (2019) will be used to determine your players age for our soccer season.

Only the birth year is used to determine a players age when deciding what age group your player is registered for.  Birth month and school grade are not taken into consideration when determining the age group your player will play in.

What division will my child be in?

Divisions are determined by age groups of registered players and the number of players who register within each age group. Only after registration is complete is it possible to predict the divisions of players and the number of teams in each division.  All efforts are made to field divisions inside of the players identifiable skill levels and such that fair league play can occur.  

A reference can be found here and shown in the below image to determine your player's playing age. 

Please keep in mind that BSSL usually combines playing ages (U10 includes U9, U12 includes U11, etc.)

Can my player "play up'?

If your son or daughter is unusually large or unusually skilled for his or her age, he or she can also "play up".  If you want your child to be considered for "play-up", please contact Director of Registration Darren Larsen at