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BSSL is listening to you...changes are from your suggestions, how can we improve?

08/01/2016, 7:30am CDT

What would you like to see from BSSL?

Executing Bruce Samlan Soccer is not as easy as it may appear.  There are many elements that support the end result that is viewed on gameday.  Along the way, we have embraced change and listened to your suggestions;

·       With widespread access to the internet, BSSL has moved from a single website with 2 webpages in 2010 to combining with HYSA and the Lions '82 websites this last winter to reduce costs and communicate via one portal.  This has provided great coaching resources, performance and recovery information, volunteer sign-ups, contact information for the board of directors, and recognized our sponsors.

·       While BSSL has hosted walk-in registration events, our website launched online registration in Spring of 2011 and most players are registered via this format. This format is the easiest to manage for our board members (team registration, payment tracking, procurement, player insurance, volunteer claims, etc.), promotes easy communication and updates with parent/guardians via email/text and reduces our administration time and costs (we used to spend days manually entering in data from mailed-in forms, sometimes we entered erroneous data).  This also avoids potential loss of paper registrations or forms, has moved our waivers to an online collection and decreased the amount of paper we use and are required to store.  We will continue to implement digital storage solutions where cost-effective and relevant.

·       The Parent Handbooks that we used to pass out at parent meetings have now moved onto our website and further help us reduce costs, decrease waste, and allow us to quickly update information.   It also allows parent/guardians to check information quickly without trying to locate their "one" copy of the red handbook.  We paid for our website to display via mobile browsers and this provides a quick reference to anything Lions and Bruce Samlan.

·       Spiritwear is now done online as it was hard to find volunteers to staff Spiritwear, take orders, coordinate orders, and coordinate deliveries with desired customization (names, etc.), while managing the revenue and expenses from those sales.  


As our players grow in age and soccer ability, we continually find challenges in fielding divisions (of teams) that are age appropriate, especially after the players turn 12 and many of our players compete at the Middle School level (Fall), High School level (Boys in Fall, Girls in Spring), or participate in BSSL for only one season as they compete in other sports.

Beyond player recruitment and balancing of age groups/divisions, we experience many challenges in recruiting coaches, referees, and volunteers for our Board of Directors.  Each one of these roles is crucial to the organization and greatly affect the on-field result.  

BSSL continues to struggle with rising costs and the Board of Directors is working hard to keep registration fees the same (have not changed since 2009) so as many of our local children can play and enjoy the game of soccer.  We have still maintained financial assistance and regularly award scholarships to our low-income  patrons.  We are open to sponsors and welcome any other revenue creation ideas that our parent/guardians might suggest.


We are listening to you and as always, we encourage and welcome your feedback.   We have disseminated survey pages in the past to allow you to communicate with us anonymously.  As always, we are also available via email at or  Thank you for your patronage to our league and organization.  If you are interested in volunteering (Coaching, Board of Directors, Referee) and want to see more behind the scenes, please contact us.

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